I Am Lakshmia Marie|

I assist businesses attract more qualified leads, grow their revenue and automate their advertising & marketing.

How We Can Work Together

I offer a variety of products and services to support your business’ specific needs. 

Work For You


If you already have a strong online marketing team and just need me to help you create a marketing strategy, then I can help you with specific measures, such as: 

  • Sales Funnels
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Product Launches
  • Marketing Automation

Work With You

Have my team do everything

If you don’t have enough time to manage your marketing campaigns, hire me as your full time Digital Marketing Consultant and we’ll take care of the rest. My team and I have seen and done it all. So we are totally prepared to…

  • Develop a marketing strategy that will be tailored to your niche and audience.
  • Take over your Digital marketing and increase revenue
  • Start to finish off an idea (brainstorming to catapult you in the market)
  • Grow your conversions at an exponential rate
  • Optimize your product offerings to increase profits


“I hired Lakshmia to help with FB ad targeting. After spending our allotted time on a call, we were still having issues nailing my target. Lakshmia went above and beyond, contacted FB, and spent significant time problem solving herself to resolve the issue. Thrilled to have found her!”


“Lakshmia has been EXTREMELY helpful with advising me on funnel building. She covers everything from Facebook ad copy/audience, to landing pages, to video/webinar copy, to email follow up. I highly recommend her 

Ayana W.

Let's Take The Guesswork Out Of Marketing!