About Me Lakshmia Marie

IALM was founded by Lakshmia Marie, a professional business strategist + coach who has spent 8+ years helping hundreds of professionals to create a life of success that works for them. I started my career creating, designing and implementing different types of marketing. sales and social media strategies to help grow brands and businesses worldwide.

If you want some tactical consulting from afar about the strategy your team should be using, I am ready to make myself available to a limited number of new clients every year.

I only want to work with the best – the people who are ready for a major breakthrough with the work we do together.

It doesn’t matter if your biggest weakness right now is social media, funnels, or marketing automation.

I work with businesses in all stages of marketing advancement, but only if I think I am the best possible person for your organization based on the nature of the work you do, your intended outcomes, and our working chemistry together. I want you to get the maximum possible value out of our relationship together, or to avoid the matter entirely.

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